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not a bad day and week's start unless you're up by 95 and the chesapeake house. , marty's in the first warning weather. well, it's a brief and good forecast. sunshine in the area after the morning clouds and fog burning off. 78 at lunch and going to a high of 81 and 77 this evening and 62 degrees right now. donning take it away. -- don, take it away. 95 northbound is not the place to be at this hour. we have the accident involving three tractor trailers. the delay is back to the toll plaza.
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traffic is diverted off at 222. the best way around that is route 40. we have a downed treeality newwood drive and the water main break at york and overbrook and winwood and we have problems eastbound 100 an accident on the ramp to southbound 95. taking a look at overall travel times from 83 to 95, moving along well. also, we'll look at 95 south of the chesapeake house. plenty of activity going on. it will be a while before we can get that cleaned up. for the most accurate information available, we'll be to -- we'll go to >> this looks like a case of murder/suicide. a man and woman found dead there. a child made the discovery and we've learned important new
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information overnight. >> good morning, don and everyone. just hours ago, wjz-13 learned that the two people found dead inside the house had recently been in a heated custody battle four days before being found dead. >> the man and woman were found dead inside the house on the 3700 block of bonny bridge place saturday night. also, living in the house, a 7, 5, and 2-year-old who the neighbors say were outside playing at the time. my son came home and said that the kids heard two, i think, two gunshots and some kids coming from the house crying and saying that the mommy and the daddy are killed. this morning, the victims are a 35-year-old who lived a short drive away and the man is a 49- year-old who, according to the court records lived inside the house. overnight, we learned they were
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involved in a heated custody battle. she filed a lawsuit against him four days earlier and now,the police are investigating this as a possible murder suicide. >> we're not seeing signs of forced entry. we have a weapon on the location and we're not sure what we have because it's early in the investigation. >> i was sitting on the porch with the neighbor and my nieces and nephew was like, there's blood everywhere and the guy told them to get away from the house. >> the crisis counselors have been called in to help the children. they're in the care of a relative now. don? thank you, gigi barnett. baltimore city police are looking for a black mercedes and its driver. this man was killed saturday night and he was racing another motorcycle at the time. a baltimore nonprofit group
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is offering to help buy out the islamic cultural center. drums and disabilities, dads for short is offering more than donald trump to move the center further away. a standing ovation for pete rose in cincinnati. [ cheers and applause ] the 69-year-old was honored on the field saturday just inside the baseline. it was the anniversary of his record setting hit. he was banned from baseball in 1989 for betting on games. the orioles almost sweep themselves out of detroit and their series with the tigers. yesterday, in detroit, the orioles tied things up to right
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center field and they pitched a gym striking out 11 bird batters. the orioles take on the blue jays in toronto tonight. and in pittsburgh, a prayer was answered in overtime yesterday afternoon. with the game tied up, they found the theme and went 50- yards for a game winning touchdown. the taler -- steelers beat the falcons. and the ravens season will kick off soon. mark viviano has more right now on what is expected to be a memorable raven's season. good morning, well, the ravens begin the season tonight in new jersey. embarking on a long road that many believe will be taking them to the super bowl in dallas. if the ravens are successful in the quest, it won't be a
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cinderella story or a surprise. and the reason for the high expectations is the offense. now, it includes new receivers. in addition to mason and ray rice. with flacco at the helm, the ravens have the chance to pile up the points. >> yeah, they've won here in the past with the great defense, they haven't won, well, they won one super bowl and we're trying to win multiple and you need a good team. >> we want the offense to be good. we want to score as many points as you can. you have to go out and execute and do the things that you need to do to score points. >> you can get all of the numbers and still win. we want to make sure, if we get the number, we're winning in the process, we want to be the
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winningest offense in the nfl. we're at a complete offense and whether or not that's me getting less catches, that's fine. >> there are questions about the offensive line. and on defense, the aspect of the ravins that's dominant for a decade, questions about the past coverage. the positives out weigh the negatives and according to the experts and the odds makers, the ravens look like a good bet to go far and they'll take the first step tonight against the jets. back to you. >> thank you, mark and we'll have the action here at 6:30. and that's live on wjz wjz. i have the new york post in my hand. mark, their b writer, one of the football b writers. ravens, 17, jets, 13. new york guy picked the -- well, wow.
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[ cheers and applause foe fact. the ravens are 5-1 having won the last five meetings. very much the same forecast they'll have in new jersey. how many teams play in new york. 81 degrees is the high this day. basically the same forecast tonight. mainly clear, overnight and 58 degrees and tomorrow, sunny and a high of 80. let's get it to the ronster now. good morning, how are you. >> good morning, i wanted to mention, two of the new york papers are predicts a ravens/packers super bowl. check that out. >> we have a great group this morning. they're ready to go. we're happy to be here for a manic monday with the cosmetic surgery center of maryland when the eyewitness news morning
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coming up on 6:30, marty's in the weather center. coming up on what? 6:13. >> 93% humidity. and we're getting fog and barometer at 30.03. and 59 oakland and the low 60s elkton and downtown and pax river and ocean city. 57 in easton. 61 columbia, rock hall and annapolis and kent island. the high pressure runs our weather and it will be a beautiful, beautiful five-day forecast and no problems at all. and that adds more significance to the rain we had saturday and sunday morning and then, the gray, damp day we had yesterday. otherwise, there's no rain in
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the forecast. 81-degrees is the high and it will be gorgeous and dry 58 is the low and tomorrow, 89 degrees and sunny and pleasant. that cool, damp day may have staved off a lot of problems. friday, sunny and 82 and friday, saturday, and 80 degrees. we have a category storm out there and it's an inch away from becoming katrina. the moving will slow i. look, by friday and saturday, way in the center of the ocean and a lot of variables coming into play that will keep igor out to see. we have to watch this one closely. on his hind quarter is julia. it's expected to be a category 1 and it will be in the center of the ocean. i want to point this out to you. it's this area of disturbed area here. the national hurricane center
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this morning looked closely at this. they think there will be additional development. this goes into the gulf of mexico. and the one we're watching with most concern hasn't formed yet. >> and we'll be clear, we're. cooing up on 6:15. good morning, don and quite a mess on northbound 95. the accident involving the three tractor trailers. as you can see, it's a mess out there. and traffic is backed up from the toll plaza and it's diverted off at 222. the only traffic stuck between 93 and the accident scene are getting by. we have a downed tree that's eastbound 70 at newwood road, blocking the right hand lane. and eastbound 100, an accident and that's slowing down the drive. and taking a look avenue the overall times, 54 miles per hour and 11 minutes to get
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through. let's take another live look here. 222. that's a good look at the delay because of the accident. and this is brought to you by toyota. you can choose from 16 different models to find the ride of your life. toyota is moving forward. now, it's time for manic monday. all right, let's go to the square in front of jimmies at fells point. >> well, hi, we're doing okay, how are you guys doing? >> we're fine. >> we're counting down the hours and the minutes. we have a great group here in fells point. give yourselves a big hand. [ cheers and applause ] >> all right! >> man, they're all dressed up for us this morning. >> you guys look absolutely fabulous. i
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mean, i love the out fits. >> you get the fashion valentino awards there. well, it's fashion week. we're doing great, we're here from the full service plastic surgery center -- >> where are you. >> in towson and you can find us online at our website and give us a call. very good. what's the most popular procedure going now. that you can talk about. >> well, after people have been in the sun, people are getting their skin renewed and repaired and we do skin care and surgery. >> you do it all? >> yes, and this month, we'll be giving a portion of the proceeds to life bridge health walk for our kids. >> that's terrific. >> give yourselves a hand,
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that's out standing. >> thanks for coming down, ladies. we appreciate it. all right, here they are. [ laughter ] >> slots harry, luther's here, tony, joe, and the coach. >> good morning. >> you doing good? >> yeah, i'm fine. he's doing real good this morning. >> maestro, the music if you police. all right, we like to hear that. >> get ready. >> oh, yeah. it's manic monday in fells point with cosmetic surgery of maryland doing a great job in rehearsal. stand by. [crowd singing manic monday]
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>> awesome! we want to invite you back to the manic monday meltdown in november. >> that was great! >> come here, a second. can we pan down. >> christina. those are the most happening shoes i've ever seen. >> thank you.
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[ indiscernible ] . >> out standing, great job, guys. give yourselves a big hand. don and marty? 6:30. ravens/jets, we can't wait. give me a go ravens. go ravens. see you, have a great day. >> this time tomorrow, we'll all be dragging. yeah, we are. and you know, it's not exactly a fan friendly schedule. the first game monday night and we don't play home until the third game and we have four night games and the bulk of the home games are colder. and it's ravens town, bring it on. >> bring it on. that's correct. coming up next. >> he was just a guy that liked to play sports. joe flacco opens up to denise koch. joe flacco, coming up there. >> are you out there thinking,
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this is fun or it's like going to war? >> next. ,,,, i'm bob ehrlich. i'm not the kind of guy who likes to hang on the sidelines. today maryland is in trouble. we're worse off than we were four years ago. dangerous debt, higher taxes, not enough jobs. we need real leadership to turn this state around. fix the budget -- honestly. grow small businesses -- really. excellent schools -- everywhere. protect the bay -- finally. it's why i'm running. to make the state we love not just good but great.
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now let's get down to work.
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denise koch could be the envy of most fans. she gets to spend time with a guy that everyone's talking about. >> good morning, i'm denise
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koch. raven's faps are wild about flacco and we rarely get to see the man behind the cool, calm exterior, i sat down with him recently. on the star studded roster, all eyes are on number 5. flacco may hold the key to the super bowl dreams. joe, the raven's first true franchise quarterback takes it all in stride. >> did you have any expectations you would be where you are now. this is something i've always wanted to do. but it's something i i expected myself to be able to accomplish. >> he admits the fun he's having is tough for his biggest fan to watch. >> he said his mom is a nervous wreck before the game. >> is your mom responsible to
6:25 am
getting you where you are now. >> she's nervous. i hope i'm not taking years off of her life. i've never seen it like it. >> are you by yourself here. >> yes. >> does she check on you. >> yes, and i'm not doing too much laundry. she thinks i can handle myself. i have two teen daughters. do you have a girlfriend. yes, and she's from new jersey and where i grew up, we've been together since the end of high school. >> really? wow, that's unusual for someone to have the same girlfriend. >> it's probably unusual >> >> can you tell us about her. >> dana and she works in camden and she's an x-ray technician and she's here a little bit, but she doesn't live with me or
6:26 am
anything like that. >> were you born with an even temper. >> i'm embarrassed to be anything that i'm not. >> do you get nervous. >> everyone gets a little bit nervous. but i go out there and start playing. it's all fun from there. he's cool and the ravens kick off tonight. you can watch the ravens and the jets at 6:30. once again, live here on yet to come, two big basketball games and two big maryland connections. gruesome discovery. the police find two bodies in a howard county home. er i'm gigi barnett at the howard county head quarters. some residents of california are allowed back
6:27 am
home after last week's massive explosion. we'll have the story coming up. i'm kristy breslin in traffic control. problems continue on northbound 95. we have a lane open at the chesapeake service and we'll have the details. >> coming up on wjz-13, that was cheesey, wasn't it. mark viviano will join us. it's monday night football tonight. we'll kick off the regular season against the new york jets. viv joins us to talk about the most wonderful time of the year with all do respect to santa. ♪
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[ female announcer ] mcdonald's new chicken flatbreads. all out awesome combinations of juicy, grilled chicken topped with roasted garlic aioli and a natural four-cheese blend. mcdonald's chicken flatbreads. the simple joy of new discoveries. ♪ hello, it's not a bad day's start despite the clouds unless you travel on northbound. kristy breslin will have the latest after the first warning weather.
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partly sunny throughout the afternoon and 78 at lunch and going to a high of 81. you fans driving up the jersey turnpike. >> here's kristy breslin. >> well, the problems are continuing. we shall'll look live, there's the accident seen northbound 95 at the chesapeake house service area. it involves three tractor trailers and the delay is back at the toll plaza. you should be back at a long delay. as far as the rest of the region, we have an accident northbound 97. debris in the road as well. that's going to hold you up a few minutes. and also, problems to watch out for on eastbound 40. a downed tree blocking the riding hand lane. let's take another live look.
6:32 am
that's moving well up until you reach the accident seen. another look at 222. you can see, the delay is heavy. this is brought to you by toyota and your local toyota dealer. toyota's moving forward. new information about the bodies found by a child this weekend. they were found a mile or so in a home off of main street. good morning, gigi. >> reporter: well, good morning everyone. wjz obtained court records that showed that the two victims may have been involved in a heated custody battle. >> they were found dead inside the house on the 3700 block of bonnie bridge place. the children were outside
6:33 am
playing at the time. my son came home saying to my husband that the kids heard two, i think, two gunshots and that some kids came from the house crying and saying that the momny -- momnymy and the -- mommy and daddy were killed. >> reporter: the man lived in the house. they were involved in a heated custody battle and the records show she filed a lawsuit against the man four days earlier. this could be a possible murder suicide. >> we're not seeing signs of forced spring, we're not sure what we have. >> i was sitting object -- on
6:34 am
the porch and a guy told them to get away from the house. >> back to you on tv hill. and she also filed a suit against a different man in 2002. it's not clear how that was resolved. parts of little italy are due to have the lights back after -- bge worked to replace an underground table. several customers are impacted by that. the california utility blamed for the natural gas explosion that killed 4 people are ordered to survey all of their gas lines in the state of california. >> reporter: for those who witnessed the explosion and still have a house left standing, it was a shocking homecoming.
6:35 am
you're literally two houses away from obliteration. yes, and i feel lucky. >> just knowing we we were almost up next. >> reporter: his deck was hit by the debris. other homes had no damage, but days without power ruined a refrigerator filled with food. that was the smell, that was it. and other than that, we're fortunate. >> reporter: while the residents who's homes are damaged are settling back in, people with homes beyond this point won't be allowed back in. >> that section of the 30-inch pipe, we're crating it up. the investigators decided that needs to go back to the labs in washington. >> reporter: a spokesman confirms that the pipe that
6:36 am
exploded was on the same line as a section classified as high risk. part of the line was scheduled to be replaced. >> we very much wanted to know whether or not pge has done the right thing in meeting the laws to inspect the transmission lines on time. >> reporter: according to the records, the pipeline was scheduled for inspections in the next two years. two of the six people reported missing turned up in the last 12 hours alive and well there. , a search for the other four is still underway. democrats are pressing for the extension of the tax cuts implemented by president bush. yesterday, on cbs's face the nation, john boehner seemed to make a big concession.
6:37 am
>> if the only option i have is to vote for those 250 and below i i'm going to do that. i'm going to fight to make sure we extend the current tax rates for all americans. >> several hosted -- tea party protests. in basketball, team usa, world champions, thanks to a stellar performance with kevin durant. and the victory is america's first. and baltimore's angel nearly brings the atlanta dream to a victory in game one at the finals and the seattle storm wins. two nfl games and two thrilling touchdowns that weren't. we're looking for the first road in three years. and it was ruled an incomplete
6:38 am
pass because he didn't finish the catch. the bears win it 19-14 and trailing by six, the cowboys have a touchdown pass. williams' call wouldn't count and mcnabb and the red skins hold off the red skin, 13-7. and ray lewis has a new add for old spice. it features a new animal friend for ray. >> hi, i'm ray lieu wiz, women want me and men want to be me and animals want to learn to talk to hang out with me. do you want to know why? >> why? >> old spice deoderant. >> and that's a chicago bear, by the way.
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coverage starts here at 6:30. >> i have to show you a great picture. our friend jennifer took this shot in tokyo. you know what that is? >> a raven. she says she's using it as her wallpaper for the season all long. >> that's the wallpaper i use. i have to be honest with you, that's going to be the wallpaper. that's neat. sunny and 81 degrees this day. that's mark viviano's shot. that's mark measuring's hairline out of focus. i was going to go to that. let me say this. coming up on coffee with. right here, by the way on wjz- 13. it's time to don the jersey. it's monday and tonight, we
6:40 am
kick off our nfl season. sports director mark viviano is joining us after the break wand'll look at what the -- at what the nfl has to hold for the hometown crowd and team. >> we would love to see your pictures at go to and look for the special icon also.
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it's a nice, cool morning. gray skies in the area and
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we'll give way to sunshine at 81 degrees today. 64 d.c. and 55 easton and 65 at pax river and ocean city. 61 bel air and columbia. and 63 annapolis, rock hall and kent island. sunshine into the area and it will be a gorgeous day and a beautiful five-day forecast courtesy of that dome of high pressure. frankly, it's a dry, five-day forecast. the rain we had saturday night and sunday, and the day we had yesterday, that was a god send. it bought us breathing room. that was today's 81 and tomorrow,'ll go ahead and call it sunny with a high of 81 degrees. no sun and beautiful weather. the mid-70s wednesday and thursday. saturday, sunny and 80 degrees. let's go to the tropics and we have a category 4 hurricane now.
6:45 am
that's about that close from being hurricane katrina. that's hurricane igor. and that's going to slow up. by the end of the week, it's in the middle of the ocean and we have weather from the east coast, that could curve him from us. behind igor is tropical storm julia. that will be a category 1 in the middle of the ocean. and this is what i want to look at. this area of disturbed area above the water mark. that's being watched closely by the national hurricane center for further development. if that develops, it will get a name. and so, for all of the impressive features we have, that's the least impressive being watched now. thank you, and the get up
6:46 am
and go -- here's kristy breslin in for sharon gibala. well, good morning, don. the situation hasn't gotten better. it's still heavy at 95 northbound at the chesapeake center service area. the delay is back to the toll plaza and the traffic's diverted off. only the left lane is squeezing by there. we don't know when the delay will clear there. as far as the rest of the region, we have the debris in the road on northbound 97. that's causing problems at dorothy road. it will take a while to get through. also, problem on the beltway on the westside. another 10 minutes there and north side of the beltway, heavy there and traffic does break free after that. there's the delay on 95 northbound back to the toll plaza. this is brought to you by
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toyota and your local toyota dealer. toyota is moving forward. back to you. all right, we're taking a break and when we return, we're going deep into raven's town with mark viviano. ,,,, ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks]
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our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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we're going to a high of 80 degrees. let's send it to kristy breslin now. good morning, marty and everyone. let's give you an update on the problem on northbound 95. taking a live look at the accident scene at the chesapeake house. as you can see,the traffic's creeping by on the lefthand lane and getting by slowly. the delay is back to the toll plaza. traffic's diverted off at 222. the best way to get around is route 40 and we'll take a second look. north of 222, the delay there, a few tractor trailers on the side and another look at 95 north, everything's moving along fine. all right. >> thank you, it's time, it's show time. ladies and gentlemen, welcome
6:51 am
the sports director of wjz-13 and the host of one of the best radio talk shows in all of baltimore. you hear him every day with bulldog on 105.7 the fan. >> i know this early means it's the start of baseball season or football season. i am here to kick off the football. the ravins will do that. they'll kick it off against rex ryan and the new york jets. for the raven's fans, it's been a great deal of optimism on offense. you have a quarterback who's in his third year and he's lead the team to the play offs and you have a running back drafted the same year as the quarter back and he could be the offensive player of the year. and you've added a wide
6:52 am
receiver in boldin and stallworth who will miss the first six games at least. it appears that the offense is loaded and ready for a league in which the rules are more towards the wide open offense. the ravens adapted to that and they're ready to run with it. what could slow this down? we have questions in the line in particular with the right tackle. don't be surprised in he is the right tackle. we'll find out. debater is hurt and he missed most of the preseason. en on the leftside, you have michael oher and he was strong in the rookie season. we'll see if he can lock that position down and we've talked about the defense. ray lewis is ageless. he's still the leader on the defense. they've lost a few guys in the
6:53 am
defensive secretary. mainly ed read. and he's out for at least the first six games and they lost the starting corner in fox worth. if that offense can offset the defense, you know, all of the optimism could be for a good reason. we'll find out tonight. the first step on a long road that could lead the ravens to the super bowl in dallas. also, billy, the kicker if realtime team, that was a big deal for the team. well, it was steven and that cannot last the entire season. he missed a kick at minnesota. and shane was brought in this off season and that brought in many. he was going to be the guy to kick the team all the way up to the super bowl. and he was better on kick offs
6:54 am
as well as accuracy and we've seen many times, often times these games come down to the three points. it will be up to him. and that's how it lays out, fellows. and mark, it's going to come down to health. it's going to come down to the physical stability of the team. it always does. whatever team as they move towards the play offs. flash that's the one variable we can't control. that's right and we've seen that and as we mentioned, the season starts out with a few guys hurt and reid and fox worth and hey, just yesterday, philadelphia loses its quarterback and the lions lose their quarter back and people want to know why did the ravens get bulger to back up flacco and that's why. bulger played 8 years and he's
6:55 am
thrown for 4000-yards in a season and that's a guy who you can turn to that's not as good, but he's good. injurys are key and they are in a physical game like football. we'll see you tonight, mark and bulldog and myself and j. kart will join you tonight at joe washington and we'll be with you guys until 11:00 celebrating a hopeful raven's win. we're looking forward to another football season and thank you, and i hear you on the radio later on. done deal. mark, of course, bulldog and wjz-13, the fan. >> well, i have news head lines for you here. a child discovered a man and woman dead inside of a house and the police believe that the death of the two could be a murder suicide. they were involved in a custody
6:56 am
battle according to the court records. they're now cared for by a relative. and baltimore city police are looking for a black mercedes. the 25-year-old was killed saturday night in a crash in east baltimore. he was racing a motorcycle at the time. >> hope -- opening statements are going to begin in the death of ken harris soon. he was shot two years ago. two weeks ago, the dna was linked to a man. and the 22-year-old gary colins and the 17-year-old jerome williams are charged and on trial. new details from a man who escaped from the police custody. palmer could be heading to washington, d.c. and west virginia. he faked a medical emergency as
6:57 am
he was held on attempted murder charges. stay with wjz-13. coming up, midterm elections. ,,
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